Thanks to our AI based technology, GLIMPS detects, correlates and analyzes new threats in the glimpse of an eye


GLIMPS automatically detects malware affecting standard IT systems, manufacturing systems, IOT or automotive domains. We support many different architectures including x86, x64, ARM, POWERPC and MIPS.


Thanks to our proprietary AI based technology, malware are automatically correlated with known APT families.


GLIMPS identifies and documents more than 500 000 families of libraries, both open-source and proprietary, and retrieves information about already identified malware belonging to the same family.

GLIMPS in the news

Inaugural ceremony of the French Cyberdefense Factory

October 3rd, 2019

GLIMPS introduced to Florence Parly, French Defense Ministry
Copyright Emma Paula, Thales
From left to right : Cyrille Vignon, Frédéric Grelot, Jérémy Bouetard, Emmanuel Shiva, GDA Didier Tisseyre, IGA Frédéric Valette, Florence Parly, Florian Bachelier

Meet our team

Cyrille Vignon

Cyrille Vignon

Frédéric Grelot

Frédéric Grelot

VP innovation communication
Jérémy Bouetard

Jérémy Bouetard

Valérian Comiti

Valérian Comiti


Use cases

Discover how GLIMPS technology will help you deal with threats related to your organization
Malware identification

Malware identification

Protect your infrastructure

Discover malware on the fly, and help your analysts by providing them with pre-analyzed samples instead of raw binaries.
Have instantaneous clues about the threat families (APTxx) of your malware.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems

Don’t neglect critical systems

Our technology is the only one providing the same level of security for both standard IT and embedded systems in exotic architectures (ARM, PPC, MIPS and many others) found in industrial and automotive systems, IOTs, ...
Don't leave those systems unprotected!

Binary analysis

Binary analysis

accelerate your certification process

Want to assess your systems? Need to evaluate products delivered by your contractors? Seek out and evaluate vulnerabilities?
GLIMPS allows you to analyze them and helps you understand the critical parts of any binary that you come accross.

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