The connector between Cortex | The Hive and GLIMPS was created to
to facilitate the daily activities of security professionals.
The Hive allows the centralization of security incidents and the development of responses. Cortex, on the other hand, enables the sharing of analysis and threat identification methods related to these incidents.

With the connector, it takes only one click to submit a file to GLIMPS Malware without leaving the interface. All the power of the GLIMPS analysis engine and the additional modules are therefore at the service of the users of the Cortex TheHive interface.

Palo Alto: XSOAR Integration for GLIMPS Detect

GLIMPS is integrated into Palo Alto’s XSOAR solution. When an alert appears, your analyst has the option of sending the file to GLIMPS Malware to benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of code design and 20 other engines & modules. The analyst benefits from a file investigation platform that allows detection of unknown malware, in-depth analysis and complete threat visibility.

Defants X GLIMPS

The Defants vSIRT solution accelerates the understanding of a cyber attack through automation, collaboration and semantic investigation. By making it easier to understand an investigation, it also
investigation, it also reduces the time required for remediation.

The GLIMPS Malware integration adds detections and provides analysis in seconds, while associating the threat with a malware family to gain characterization. This connector gives analysts visibility into identified threats, further accelerating investigations.


GLIMPS provides a plugin to the IDA interactive disassembler for
automatic feature identification. This plugin allows you to apply GLIMPS Audit analysis to the file sent to IDA Pro, allowing you to speed up characterization.

When sending a file to IDA, the software deconstructs the file to highlight its structure. To find the symbols for all of these functions, just look for the GLIMPS Audit plugin. The GLIMPS Audit solution identifies, in a few minutes, the static libraries present in the file and allows an instant documentation of the functions directly in the IDA interface. This saves several weeks of tedious work thanks to multi-architecture identification independent of compilation chains. All code recognized by the solution is then transferred to IDA.


The integration of GLIMPS Malware in TYREX allows for an increase in detection for both known and unknown threats. The objective is to push detection to a level never seen before to go after the most sophisticated threats. A white station 2.0 ready to meet the challenges ahead by going beyond the detection that can be achieved by antivirus software.

The interoperability of the two editors is available on the different TYREX USB media decontamination solutions: whether it is the totem or the tablets. Thus, it is possible to check a USB key, a memory card or a phone thanks to a turnkey solution. GLIMPS brings innovation and integrates with the familiar TYREX fluid interface. A less experienced user can thus have access to a state-of-the-art tool.

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GLIMPS is integrated into the Microsoft Start-Up program

GLIMPS is integrated in the Microsoft Partner Program and is compatible with Office 365!

After a simple integration, our solution scans all attachments received by your employees. In a few seconds, you benefit from a top solution for the detection and identification of threats in all files received before they enter your company’s perimeter.

All malicious elements contained in these files are blocked, and thanks to GLIMPS Malware you can even know why!

Innovative cybersecurity technology in one platform

GLIMPS has joined forces with six cybersecurity editors to form a common solution: the Open XDR Platform. The objective: to provide a concrete and immediate response to the strong need for simplification and unification of the market.

Each company provides its own specific technology within a single, operational interface, on which security managers can flexibly compose a customized offer, among the following functionalities:

XDR Back End| CTI

Mobile Threat Defense

Email Threat Detection & Response

Priviliged Access Management

Endpoint Detection & Response

eXtended Malware Analysis Platform

Network Detection & Response


GLIMPS is above all part of a security ecosystem for customers and favors a partnership strategy. For more information, please contact us.