CAPFI uses GLIMPS technology to support clients

CAPFI 6th Sense represents the infrastructure and cybersecurity entity of CAPFI group. Organized around 3 communities, the CAPFI experts intervene daily with their customers on strategic and sensitive subjects such as: 

  • Cybersecurity : to fight against cyber threats
  • System Thinking : to optimize the delivery time of the Infrastructure and Production team

  • Multi-Cloud : to assist our customers migration, integration, deployment and security

INTRINSEC adds GLIMPS Malware to its marketplace in order to respond their client specific needs

INTRINSEC has been a reference for information systems security world for over 25 years. They support you on every aspect of cybersecurity:

  • Security Assessment
  • Security management

  • Security control 

E-STAP 360

A sovereign platform for phising threat global analysis

GLIMPS uses its technology to enhance the sovereign platform for analyzing suspicious emails against advanced threats: E-STAP 360. For its platform, Sopra Steria combines the technological values of GLIMPS and other players in order to provide a global vision of threats for a quick and efficient doubt removal.

Find out more about E-STAP 360

SYSDREAM uses the GLIMPS interface for their internal operations and for their clients

Since 2004, Sysdream has been responding to the growing demand of companies with a high need for security skills and audits. With a complete range of offers and services:

  • Audit & Consulting
  • Training & Cyber Training
  • Technical solutions & Deployment
  • Cyber software solution edition
  • DIS : Security incident detection (SOC)
  • CERT – Security incident response


GLIMPS is above all part of a security ecosystem for customers and favors a partnership strategy. For more information, please contact us.