GLIMPS offers a unique recognition method based on Deep Learning algorithm that can deeply analyse code. In contrast to traditional detection software, GLIMPS technology is able to deal with more and more attacker groups.

A Technology far ahead of the market

Based on Deep Learning, the GLIMPS technology allows the extraction of concepts associated with a computer code from a binary, called “concept-code”. This code conceptualization methodology allows the analysis of a compiled software in order to highlight a description and a concepts-code. The confrontation of the concept-codes allows an efficient comparison of the software with our database in order to isolate the common points.

To build this database, GLIMPS engineers trained their AI model on the code of millions of pieces of malware. They extracted the code-concepts to be able to identify them regardless of their binary form. Only a few code concepts are needed to define a piece of malware and its infinite variants.

A complementary solution to traditional security bricks

GLIMPS is several years ahead of researchers who only work on a very limited number of concepts-codes. GLIMPS has a technology capable of analyzing hundreds of thousands of files per day for its customers. Our solutions can be implemented in the Cloud in order to benefit from the mutualization of computing resources, but also directly on site when the client environment requires it.

GLIMPS favors a strategy of partnerships with other digital players. The solution is above all part of a security ecosystem for customers, it can connect to messaging systems, file sharing systems and security solutions such as EDR. The goal is to offer a complete and secure solution.

The integration of our technology

Our technology, code conceptualization, is integrated into the heart of our two products: GLIMPS Malware and GLIMPS Audit


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Découvrez notre livre blanc

Les concepts-code :
la solution contre les cyberattaques ?

Ce livre blanc propose un éclairage sur la cybersécurité et son environnement. Entre état des lieux des cyberattaques et mise en lumière d’une nouvelle technologie : la conceptualisation de code, découvrez comment mieux se défendre face aux malwares.