open xdr platform

Innovative cybersecurity technologies in one platform

GLIMPS has joined forces with five cybersecurity vendors to form a joint solution: the Open XDR Platform. The objective: to provide a concrete and immediate response to the strong need of simplification and unification of solutions of the market. Each player provides its specific technology within a unique and operational interface, on which security managers will be able to flexibly compose a customized offer, among the following features :
Cyber Threat Intelligence and XDR Back-End
Endpoint Detection and Response

Mobile Threat Defense

Malware analysis
Email Threat Detection & Response,

E-STAP 360

A sovereign platform for global analysis of the phishing threat

GLIMPS provides its own proprietary technology to help the sovereign platform for analyzing suspicious emails against advanced threats: E-STAP 360. For its platform, Sopra Steria combines the technological values of GLIMPS, Quarkslab and Corexalys in order to provide a global vision of the threat for a quick and efficient removal of suspicion.


GLIMPS is first of all part of a security ecosystem for customers and favours a partnership strategy. For more information, please contact us.

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