An automatic software recognition and reverse engineering tool!

In a few seconds, our solution is able to identify the libraries present in a binary and to save them in your work base. You can thus recognize and document almost instantly all known code: whether it is public or proprietary code (environment runtime such as Delphi, Go, or MSVC, embedded OS firmware, etc.).


Available in Saas or On Premise

The product doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to work

Comment GLIMPS Audit fonctionne ?

Disponbile en Saas ou On Premise

Le produit n’a pas besoin d’être connecté à internet pour fonctionner
Today, you are forced to start an audit from scratch when a new version of a product is released? With GLIMPS Audit, you can capitalize on the work already done by re-applying it to the new version. This way, you can concentrate only on the new or modified code during your analyses!

Benefits of our TOOL


Facilitates the operations of binary analysts and reduces remediation time of an incident.

Instant analysis

GLIMPS Audit allows comparison with millions of libraries in seconds.


Multi-architecture identification (x86, amd64, ARM, PowerPC) independent of tools chains. Detailed and contextualised threat information.

Easy integration

Report of symbols in IDA and Ghidra, available as a Saas or On Premise solution.


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